Boat Shrink Wrapping Steps

boat shrink wrapping

Shrink wrap keeps the boat very clean by the tight cover around your boat and allow very little dust or any dirt in. We offer shrink wraps in a vast range of sizes and thickness depending on the required application, its exposure duration to different elements and the amount of durability. This shrink wrap is mainly used in winter season to shelter the boat in storage or on the lift.

In order to perform shrink wrapping we prepare the boat to accept a support structure made with support poles and strapping lines that are tied from bow to stern and port to starboard. Then a series of support lines are carefully suspended from the deck of boat. These support lines ultimately support belly line that runs 360 degrees around the boat’s hull. Once this structure is complete, a single piece of plastic is cut and wrapped over the boat and finally secured to the belly line. The plastic is then sealed and heat welded together to create a snug fit around the top and sides of the boat. The plastic then gets tied down tight and completely heated to make it shrink to the boat. The last step is to ventilate the boat and tweak the wrap such as taping up any holes. We offer a zipper door to be installed on shrink, if you need to get onto the work during winter. This zipper door can be cut in the spring and re-used for the next season.

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