Boat Shrink Wrap

Winterization of your boats to protect against harsh temperatures


Winterizing your boat takes from an hour to a day. We winterize your boat engine for a few weeks in order to minimize the chances of sudden freeze. We winterize boat engines by adding fuel stabilizer and ethanol treatment to fuel. Then we replace filters on engine. Repairing freeze damage takes longer to finish and involves a complete engine replacement. Hence winterizing your boat is the best option.


Winterizing your boat means draining any water aboard or replacing it with perfect kind of antifreeze for offering the protection of boats against the lowest temperatures. During winter fresh water expands in volume as it freezes which will push boat outwards with a greater force. This expansion can crack engine block, split hoses, damage fiberglass or destroy refrigeration system. We service lower unit to ensure that it do not contain any contaminants like water, metal. We change the lower unit lubricant, remove the propeller and re-grease the shaft followed by rear oil seal inspection.


If your propeller needs to be re-conditioned, additional charge must be paid. If reconditioning is recommended after inspection, you will be contacted with an estimate so that you can decide either recondition or replace the propeller. Due to electrolysis, we will inspect and replace oxidized zincs as necessary. On all digital engines, we will run a diagnostic check along with computer diagnostic system and change all filters and spark plugs. We then lubricate external steering shaft, tilt tube and other moving parts with mercury 2-4-C lubricant and spray engine with corrosion guard to prevent corrosion.

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