Various Safety Measures

The boats needed to be shrink wrapped effectively since winter can harm the outside of the boat. Hence we offer shrink wrapping for your boats that add a layer of armor for your boat’s protection. Shrink wrapping your boats adds an extra layer of protection to keep the moisture, pests, and damaging winds or storms away from your boat’s interior as well as exterior.

We offer shrink wraps which is a polyethylene with UV inhibitors and is formulated to shrink when heated to create a seal that is much tighter. This seal effectively keeps the weather out of your boat and prevents stretching, tearing tarps.

Our shrink wrap when properly installed can last for several years and provide waterproof, hassle free protection to your valuables, and shrink wrap with UV inhibitors can save your valuables from unnecessary damage from UV light. Any size boat from a jet ski to your largest yachts can be shrink wrapped at their location.

boat shrink wrapping

Before performing shrink wrapping for your boats, we take a series of precautions are trailing your boat while it is wrapped, we use a bullet wrap which is nothing but an aerodynamic design that incorporates strapping and a thicker plastic, to tackle strong winds encountered when towing. A low budget outfit is wrapped to the rub rail for offering protection of your boat.

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