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The blue shrink wrap is used in countries like farther north because there solar warming is favorable during the cold winter. Most of the boats in the Chesapeake region use the white shrink-wrap though the blue cover is obtainable. The frame used in shrink wrap will protect the wrap from drooping, letting slicks of snow to melt that in turn freezes and defrosts which may get weight sufficient to split the covering. It also avoids the wrap from fretting and scratching. The shrink-wrap film will get in different sizes, colors, and masses. It is usually made up of polyolefin plastic film with ultra-violet inhibitors to protect from exposure to the sun. Chemical compound called plasticizers is used in the production of shrink wrap. It is used to keep the cover flexible and thus it prevents cracking at low heats.

Colors originate in shrink wrap will be white, blue and vibrant. White exposes to the sun and it is mainly used to cover the boats in many regions. During manufacturing, the wrap is over extended though still hot from the extruder. Boat shrink wrappers are almost elastic in nature. After the shrink-wrap is fitted on the boat this stretching is reversed by the use of heat to the cover. This is the reason that causes the wrap to shrink over the boat. A special shrink wrap tapes are available to join the wrap composed when needed. Other type of shrink tape is specially conveyed to tape the cover to the exterior side of the boat. It removes stain and leaves no deposit in the boat.

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