boat shrink wrapping

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boat shrink wrapping

Shield your boats from moisture, effective shrink wrapping

boat shrink wrapping

Wrap your boat and safeguard it from damages.


A great way to protect your boat during the winter seasons by shrink wraps

boat shrink wrapping

When it is time to winterize your boat for the season or you are planning to ship your boat to a new location, you may want to consider using marine shrink wrap to keep the boat in top condition until it is ready to use on the water again. We initially measure the area to be wrapped.

We shrink wrap your boat in a well ventilated area because of the chemicals that will be released during the shrink wrapping process. We then apply the shrink wrap film to the boat, starting from the top and working your way down to the hull, first on one side and then on the other.

We take optimum measures to assist customers in realizing the top deals without decreasing in quality. Our translucent approach helps our customers who would like to buy boat shrink wrappers in our company.

As your discretion is extremely important to us, we focus upon it in an exclusive manner offering you with the best results whenever you expect. Then we apply belly bands which are straps that wrap around the boat, keeping the shrink wrap film tight. This allows for a tighter seal when the shrink wrap process is complete.

We heat the wrap on the top of the boat. We are very careful while shrink wrapping around corners and on any objects that protrude because of a higher risk of tearing in these areas. We check for holes, if present, we repair holes with shrink wrap tape.

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The highly effective and advanced boat shrink wrap recycling program

We provide the highly efficient and advanced boat shrink wrap recycling program. We offer effective precautions for maintaining the boat shrink wrap so that wrapping will be protected. Checking out several features on an additional basis will ensure that we take all the secure measures without resulting in any major questions. Any information collected will be in the best interests of your confidentiality so that you never feel insecure about loss of data. If you have any doubts about boat shrink wrapper you can directly consult our company. We are willing to help you. The shrink wrap will need to cover the entire top of the boat, including extra height for windshields and other protrusions down to an area on the hull below the rub rail.

boat shrink wrapping

Our shrink wrap manufacturer purchase the amount of wrap you need and a heat gun if necessary. Due to ordinary cycle of a hot day and cooling night’s moisture content may enter into boat. The boat owner has to concentrate much on boat and he makes sure that the boat is overall dry up to 100%. Any moisture content or humidity in the boat will just turn into its own weather system under the wrap for the entire winter. Water or moisture content in that boat will cause problems to your boat. The best boat shrink wraps are dried in medium sunlight for an entire day, so the moisture content present in the boat will be evaporated. Mostly some moisture content will be formed automatically when you covered the boat with shrink wrap for 1 day.

Important steps to be followed after the boat shrink wrapping

boat shrink wrapping

Maximize the amount of shrink wrap that will fit in your storage area and reduce water weight by rolling the shrink-wrap into a bundle up to five feet long, similar to a rolled up sleeping bag. Keep the shrink-wrap as clean as possible gravel, sand, and excess dirt make the recycling process is difficult. Remove all lumber, metal zippers, reusable vents, rope, and other non shrink-wrap materials like batteries, soda cans, screws and nails from the shrink wrap.

boat shrink wrapping

The doors and vents may be reusable next year. Tie the bundle with a strip of shrink wrap or ribbon strapping. While rolling, try to keep the shrink-wrap clean. Thus shrink wrap is a drum-tight, seamless, fire retardant, shrink wrap film cover that withstands high winds and can last up to one year in the sun. Shrink wrapping can enable you to cost effectively heat a job site so the trades can continue to work. You can pour concrete in the dead of winter and stay on schedule. We seize customer needs with high respect as the planned needs we consider in a detailed way and this will prove to be most effective with finest ease for the supply of goods. During manufacturing, the wrap is overextended though still hot from the extruder. Only high quality and long durable boat shrink wrappers are supplied in our company, so you need not face any trouble after buying this wrapper. Dedicated experts in our company are known to offer you excellent boat shrink wrapper that you consider.

"Shrink wrapping works great for storage of our boats. We use a UV stable plastic so the plastic with stands the harmful UV rays. "

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"The boat shrink wrapper from your company is so long and it covers almost all the portions of my boat. "

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"It was a great experience to get your shrink wrapping service for our boats and it was efficiently protected. "

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"We experienced an affordable service. The boat ran great all year without any disparities."

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